Twin Boys 1st Birthday Milestone + Family Session | Northern Virginia Photographer

Happy 1st Birthday to Wyatt & Tiller! I can't believe how big you both are now! I remember how small and tiny you were during your newborn session!

For this family, we combined a studio cake smash and a mini family session at a park just down the road from my house. These adorable twin boys are full of energy... and didn't want to sit still at all, for their milestone session or for their family session! 

You don't typically see what goes on behind the scenes of photos. Last night might have felt a little chaotic to Mom & Dad. What I was saw was two incredibly patient parents trying to wrangle two very active, 1 year old twin boys, who aren't meant to sit still at this age! They wanted to explore my studio and explore the park! This is totally normal! 

One of the boys kept kicking off his shoes trying to get down during one pose. Of course, the best smiles of everyone are with one of the boys missing a shoe. I imagine as they get older, their shoes will always stay on during family photo sessions. Enjoy the photos, Mom & Dad, of one missing shoe :)

As a Mom, I get it. Every once in a while I just want my kids to sit & smile. But, as my kids continue to grow up (they are now 9, 7, and almost 5) my all time favorites photos of my kids aren't the ones of them smiling and looking at the camera... they are the photos of them being them. The photos that bring me back to a moment in time and make me smile. A photo that includes a memory that no longer exists. I imagine as they get older the sitting and smiling will be much easier to come by. 

Here are a few favorites from their 1st birthday milestone and family session...

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