6 Hour Newborn Photography Session | Northern Virginia Photographer

99.9% of my newborn sessions are 2 hours or less, most average around 1.5 hours. I think I can count on one hand the number of sessions that surpassed the 2 hour mark (many when I first started). I don't think anyone wants to spend all day taking newborn photos. I prefer to do less poses, and spend extra time fixing fingers, hair, and paying attention to the little details. Every now and then tummy troubles strike, and when they strike, you take whatever pictures you can get. Tummy troubles always win, because tummy troubles = pain and unhappy baby. In my experience, tummy troubles seem to be the only reason I can find that babies don't sleep during their newborn photography session. I used to have all kinds of rules that I *thought* would help parents prepare for their newborn session, but I have found that as long the baby is well fed, and didn't sleep all morning, we will have a smooth and easy newborn session. 

I spent this session having a staring contest with a wide awake newborn. A record SIX hour session... which included *maybe* 20 minutes of broken sleep for the adorable Bennett! Good thing this little guy is so darn cute because he was the hardest newborn I have had to date. I actually think he was proud of that... when I told him, he smiled. He just did not want to sleep... I could tell (smell) his tummy was bothering him.

I don't want parents to ever stress or worry about getting photos. Surprisingly the session didn't feel like 6 hours as I chatted with his parents. Mom and Bennett came back for some additional photos the following week, and he slept much better!

Here are a few favorites from his newborn session...

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