Sitara's 6 Month Milestone Session | Northern Virginia Photographer

Sweet Sitara was in my South Riding studio for her 6 month milestone session. She was very serious, but perfectly content throughout her entire session. We managed to capture a few smiles but Mom said she is normally so smiley at home! 

I think in general, we are accustomed to telling our children to sit and smile. I love to capture smiles but different facial expressions. I like to try to get their attention, sing silly songs or make silly noises, but I also like to sit back and watch. See where they look, what they do. Capture them grabbing their toes, or putting their hands in their mouth. I also think of my own kids and the pictures I have of them. When we get back family photos, I usually frame a bunch and the rest of are for my scrapbook and memories.

Milestone sessions come with 15 images, but the parents get to pick from a gallery of usually around 60 images. I always find that parents pick a few smiling ones and then the rest are close-up photos/different angles/different expressions. 

Here are a few favorites that Sitara's parents selected from her 6 month milestone session...